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Connecting with new customers can be tough.   Social media helps. Marketing helps.  Websites simply recommending your services do not .  


Most sites attempting to connect home owners with contractors fail as they are simply recommending top rated members.  Badabids is different.  We are a business generation tool for you.  We align your expertise to real opportunities and offer a unique and faster way to win business.  

As a contractor, you will receive bid alerts; automatically bid based upon a set budget; access a change order system for winning bids and much more.... All without a monthly or annual contract. 


The badabids model is simple. Pay a low flat rate fee on any job you wish to bid on.  That's it. No commitments. 

Our approach also simplifies the process for the home owner.  Each bid they receive will be same format with simple, easy to understand pricing and service descriptions.  This approach allows them to make a decision faster and avoids much of the back and forth with estimates and site visits. 

Find and service customers better with badabids !

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Home owners clicking their way

Interactive elements to easily add repairs, maintenance and installation items (with pictures and dimensions) to a homeowners task list that you receive as a bid request.   Review the tasks and decide if you want to submit a bid for consideration. 

The Process 

Create Profile 

Define your company profile - location, bio, sample work, licenses, insurance and other information you would like home owners to know about your company. 

Define Expertise

Set services you offer by zip code.  For each service type (ex: Gutters) you indicate if repair, maintenance and/or installation are service you offer.  


Based upon your company's defined expertise you can purchase ads for specific zip codes and service types to showcase your work. 

Create Service Areas

Simply said, input zip codes you wish to do business in.  

Set Bid Budgets

For each service type define a max bid budget (only applies to automatic bidding) . For example, if you wish to automatically bid on every gutter cleaning job in zip 22222 for the next 2 weeks, you can define a max bid budget of $200.  Each bid - whose cost will vary based upon the bidder list  - draws from your budget pool.  Costs range from $5 - $50 per bid. 

Win Jobs

With badabids you can see more opportunities and bid on more projects than ever before.  Click and win! 

  • How is Badabids different that other sites?
    Most sites provide homeowners a list of local contractors with ratings and reviews. Other sites offer a bit more service and capture what you are looking for and pass it onto contractors in your area. Badabids picks up where most sites leave off. Our software puts your task list of items (projects) out to bid to receive the best price while you save time and money by receiving responses using a bid template.
  • How much does it cost?
    For homeowners the service is free. Contractors pay a small one-time fee to bid on your project.
  • Does Badabids do the work on my home?
    Badabids offers a unique way for homeowners and contractors to connect. Our service helps shorten the time it takes to find and get estimates from qualified contractors. We do not perform services or manage the contract once you have selected the winning bid for your project.
  • What is a bid request?
    Once you define your task list of projects, the list is put into a bid package that is sent to accepting contractors in your area. Therefore your bid package, once sent to contractors, is a "bid request"
  • How long do contractrors have to respond to my bid requests?
    As the requestor you may specify the amount of time the request for bids is open. For example, you may allow all bidders 7 days (or any timeframe you see fit) to respond to your request.
  • What happens after I award the winning bidder my project?
    The winning bidder will be contacted and will arrange a formal contract (if needed) for services. The contracts can be uploaded into the project to refer back to at a later date.
  • Can I cancel or modify a bid request?
    Yes, you may cancel a bid request at any time before the close date of the timeframe you set on your request. You may also modify your bid request package to add / edit details of the job. Note that if you add / edit details within 24 hours prior to the close date of the bid deadline, all bidders will receive an additional 24 hours past the deadline to respond.
  • What should I consider before signing a contract for the winning bid?
    Remember to do your homework and verify the contractors references, insurance, license(s) and terms/conditions of the contract. Badabids works to get you the best price and quick turnaround using our bid process but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to read and understand the contractors terms of the contract.
  • Do I pay the winning bidder through your website?
    Payments are per the contract terms you work out with the winning bidder where Badabids is not responsible for the payments or delivery of services. Read the payment terms carefully as Badabids is not responsible for refunds for work not performed or poor quality of services provided by the contractor.
  • Does Badabids screen the contractors?
    Badabids employs an open market model connecting homeowners and contractors. We suggest verifying a contractor's references, licenses, insurance and reputation before entering into any contract.
  • What happens if the contractor does not complete work to my satisfaction.
    Any issue with quality or delivery of services should first be addressed with the contractor and per the terms of your contract. If resolution is not possible, we recommend leaving feedback on our site (inside your bid package) as this will be visible to other homeowners automatically in bids they receive from the contractor.
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