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Although each home is different, they are all the same...

Every residence needs repairs, cleaning or upgrades.
Every town and city has an expansive network of talent that is largely unaware of your needs.

Every time you need something done it is the same process of getting someone to do the work.


Explain what you need done through a simple point and click website. 

Receive bids to your requirements from those interested contractors while eliminating wasted time. ​

Use a standard and repeatable process for all your projects.



Redefining the Way 
Our Homes are Serviced

The founders of Badabids are homeowners who enjoy woodworking, automobiles and working with their hands.   While they enjoy working on their homes it quickly becomes apparent through life that time is the one thing you can't get back.  

Over the years they have gone through the same pain as everyone else - meet with a bunch of contractors and hope you get a price competitive bid after wasting weeks of your time. 

For that reason, Badabids was created to apply logic and automation to the home improvement process.  

Play more. Stress less. 

Image by Tierra Mallorca
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